We are very experienced in leading successful children center and schools. Since 25 years ago, we opened the centers and we never close even one. Our expertise spans the full spectrum of education from early childhood to the pre-university.

We are also a world leader in the education franchise – managing franchisees, delivering high quality services, developing outstanding curriculum, lesson plan, procedures and system.

On top of education, CIC Group manages a wide range of other businesses such as in food and beverages, building construction and hospitality and event management.


Training the good to great team and developing and implementing the management system, establishing the operation manuals, comprehensive organizational control, consulting on a wide range of management activities including guidance on management strategies, financial and accounting, business development and quality assurance services.

Developing tasks and executions for the team, developing success-driven, and highly motivated employees with great track record of growth, developing tasks and evaluation for employees, teachers and students.

Designing, Developing and Delivering school management system

Curriculum alignment, examinations, test specification, development, scorer guides and scorer training, assessments, psychometric analysis and standard setting or grading. Maximizing the investment led by visionary leadership; equipped with strong communication and interpersonal skills. The ability of managing numbers and multitasking within fast-paced environments.

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