Leader in Young Leaders Education

The CIC International Inc strong growth has helped drive the momentum in the young leaders education – dynamic, charismatic global future leaders who are aware of the multi-national differences that will shape the world.


Strong brands, customer loyalty, exceptional quality and resilience of our employees are at the heart of our success. We are very well known for our commitment, integrity and trustworthiness and excellent services.

We focus on education services however our diversified businesses support each other towards better growth. Visionary leadership, fast and excellent execution and effective resource management advance us further. Our strong cash flow from operations support our growth and increase the shares value.

Business management

We manage our business for the long-term, sustainable goals. The CIC International Inc is guided by the good governance and sharia compliance. The business philosophies and principle help drive innovation, growth and efficiency and giving the strong impact to the global community.

We embrace sustainable practices and establish our business for hundreds of years to come. We welcome short term or long term investors who share the same visions and missions with us!

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