CIC Where Leaders Are Born is a multi-awards winning enrichment center that offers innovative preschool, playschool, playschool and after school education programmes for children age three to twelve.  CIC’s campaign for childhood is Crutial and Cheerful Innovative Classroom, has shaped the culture and its educational services. CIC uses effective techniques in which young leaders enjoy learning and perform their best. CIC has been developing more than 100,000 young leaders and prepares them with skills needed for future success. In 2015, The Leaders and the American Leadership development Association (ALDA), endorsed CIC Where Leaders Are Born as the best brand for child enrichment program, Global branding Award.


CIC Where Leaders Are born is a children enrichment centre that offers 18 enrichment programs in 3 main categories, Preschool, Playschool and After School. With a clear vision and mission to develop young leaders, CIC Where Leaders Are Born has grown to become a world class educational institution and the most reliable and leading preschool in Malaysia. CIC aims to educate young learners to the highest academic standard in a safe, enjoyable, dynamic environment values that enable children to develop the highest potential in their intellectual, emotional and spiritual capabilities.


CIC Where Leaders Are Born ensures that children are prepared with the skills necessary to be successful. Through a dynamic learning culture, high thinking orientation and leadership exposure activities, every child has a great start and is advanced. Since CIC was founded in the year of 1997, there are continuously impressive achievement with 99% of the CIC’s preschoolers entered the primary school with extra advantage and 80% sat at the top of the primary school. CIC’s enrichment have developed the children to be confident beyond the school.


CIC Where Leaders Are Born was recognised globally as the best brand for child enrichment programs and has been awarded the Global branding Awards in 2015 by The Leaders and American Leadership Development Association (ALDA). In 2017, at the Brandlaureate SMEs Product Branding Awards, CIC was acknowledge by The Asia Pacific Brands Foundation as the best brand in education for preschool islamic education for 2016-2017.


CIC Where Leaders Are Born has expanded to over 70 locations nationwide and is still growing. Led by CEO Founder, Qutren Nada Ahmad, CIC has 15 franchisees, over 400 employees, and over 6000 students every year, making CIC as the best place for early education. With a 25-year history in education business, CIC has been driven by a sense of duty and a passion for learning to pioneer the was as Malaysia’s leading preschool and to expand internationally.

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