Speech by CEO – November 2014


It is CIC’s honor to be part of the young leaders’ first education. It is hoped that they will continue to get the best education and grow up as successful adults, having a blessed life.

However, I am sorry that at this moment, we have yet to set up a primary school for the continuity of their education. Therefore, allow me to advise you young parents, if you were to choose private school, choose an institution with clear vision and goals so that the children will not become the victims to the vulnerable education planning.

Do not simply choose a school that offers the lowest fees because you have to ensure that the school has enough budgets for good facilities, teachers’ training and development which are very costly.

Every Moslem parent wants the children to be soleheen and solehaat, but please be careful of those schools who make use of Islam.

Government schools normally have good facilities with certified teachers. However, our children might loss his potentials as there will be less monitoring. If you decide to send your child to government school, please consider CIC’s After School Program for their enrichments. CIC’s After School Program has small number of students enable your child to flourish more.

At CIC, we develop young leaders, hoping that they will be given opportunities to learning as much as they can and develop their highest capabilities to be able to optimize their best roles in every field they are into in the future.

History of formal education started with the royal families, aristocrats and the elites. Meaning that only children with certain background were educated. Public children were not educated and were thought to use the weapon to go to the war.

Later, when public children also went to school, the system produced them to be labors and taught them to be obedient. Those people who were against this, voiced about freedom and setup alternative schools to offer the freedom of learning and things unavailable in the mainstream education.

Now brothers and sisters, I believe we have to be moderate about the 2 choices. Mainstream education is not perfect. In fact education is never perfect. But the key is to keep improve. However, we cannot get trapped in the alternative education as pulling the children out from the mainstream education is not a progressive move. Remain in the mainstream education will make the children more competitive.

Besides, there is no absolute freedom in Islam. While we believe that people are free, they are still accountable in front of Allah for what they do.

Meaning that rulings and system are very important in the children’s education. They are not totally free, but free within boundaries.

Therefore I believe we must continue with the mainstream education sytem to develop highly capable citizens who can contribute to the country while enrich them with virtuous independent characters that are strong emotionally and spiritually. In other words, I am worried that the alternative education, you might find it in many names, might be vulnerable to prepare our children for the established world system.

Lastly, as in the history, those who have superior abilities and qualities to the rest of the society,are advanced in the education of their children, they normally see the opportunities and the needs of education in preparation for reaching the opportunities ahead of others. I hope you and your families will be among them.

As the famous saying in the Islamic tradition, “AdDunya Mazra’tul Akhirah”, meaning that worldly affairs are the plantation or the investment of Hereafter, we understand that world is important for the hereafter and we have to be clear on the purpose is for submission to Allah SWT.

(Qutren Nada Ahmad)

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